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​​​​​​2017 Antigua Sailing Week Recap

Legacy, and over 150 sailing teams from around the world, descended on Antigua to participate in the 50th edition of Antigua Sailing Week.  A recap of each day's activities is presented below.

Race Day 1 (Sunday, April 30): It was a "game of least mistakes" exclaimed Captain Reginald after completing today's leg of the campaign.  Racing conditions on the course were rough, from start to finish, for both man and vessel.  Wind speeds were in excess of 20 knots, with at times gusts of 30 knots.  For Legacy, the challenge with Cassia alla Volpe and L'Esperance was on.  Each vessel experienced some issue or another.  For example, the heavy winds caused Cassia alla Volpe's to break its tack; however, her crew was fortunate to correct the issue in no time.  Meanwhile, L'Esperance suffered a broken jib causing her to lose ground, giving Legacy an advantage. 

While Legacy kept pace with her competitors and experienced no structural issues, she suffered a casualty when the First Mate, attempting to skirt, fractured her wrist in the process.

In the end, in spite of the incidents on the course, Legacy came out victorious in her first outing, taking 3rd place in her class, CSA 7, out of a field of 9 entrants.  Legacy was bested by 2nd place finisher L'Esperance, with Micron 99 Lord Jim rounding the top three finishers at 1st place. Cassia alla Volpe came in 6th place.

Captain Reginald does not expect weather conditions to abate.  Nonetheless, Legacy is up to the challenge.

Race Day 2 (Monday, May 1):  Kudos to the First Mate for her demonstration of perseverance under fire.  Despite having her left hand in a partial cast, and supported by a sling, she returned to the deck to resume some of her duties.

Conditions on the course were once again fierce with strong breezes, big swells, and stiff competition.  The pace was 7.5 to 8 knots winward and 9 to 10 knots downwind.  Two races were scheduled for the day and teamwork on the course was on full display, with team members swapping positions to support each other.  Legacy made use of the No. 2 carbon fiber jib which meant hard work for the winch grinders.  In the end, and after committing a few missteps, Legacy took 6th and 7th place in today's competition. 

Legacy became a subject of conversation today during radio coverage of the race from Shirley Heights Lookout, one of the best locations for viewing the race.  The commentators discussed her 3rd place finish in yesterday's race.  They also discussed how much of an espirit de corps there was among the team observed during attendance at that prior day's prize giving ceremony.

Legacy received further international press coverage when one of the sport's publication featured the First Mate sampling a cocktail concocted by one of the event sponsors.  See here.

Race Day 3 (Tuesday, May 2):  Two races were scheduled today.  The skipper tried everything from going for speed instead of pointing to running at 10 knots to close on the leaders.  In the end, Sir Bobby Velasquez’s L’Esperance lead the class after five races with just half a point ahead of Micron 99 Lord Jim.  Legacy finished 6th in the first race and 5th in the second.  In overall standings, she is tied for 5th place with Ortac.

Race Day 4 (Wednesday, May 3): Lay Day...No racing today.  Updated racing results now has Legacy sitting solo in 5th place after Ortac was disqualified for an infraction that occurred at the start of the race.

Race Day 5 (Thursday, May 4):  Course conditions were ripe for sailing today.  The sailing schedule included two races and competition on the course was stiff.  The Captain, being the skilled tactician that he is, employed new strategies and course corrected as conditions warranted.  But, ultimately the sailing gods had other plans for the outcome of the race as Legacy finished in 6th place in both races.  L'Esperance finished 2nd and 1st, while Cassia alla Volpe finished 5th and 3rd.   In overall standings, Legacy now sits in 6th place. 

Today's results are not indicative of  the valiant effort put forth by the team today, especially the muscle and skill provided by the younger members of the crew.   A picture is worth a thousand words.  Check out the team in action on the course below.

Post racing activities included attending a pig roast in Bailey's Boat Yard hosted by Sir Hugh Bailey.  Several friends and long-time crew paid special tribute to Sir Hugh.  Sir Bobby Velasquez was among those paying tribute.  A great time was had by all.

Race Day 6 (Friday, May 5): Today brought to a close what is Antigua Sailing Week.  Once again, competition on the water was stiff.  Legacy finished the day in 7th place with Cassia alla Volpe in 6th place and L'Esperance finishing in 3rd place.  In overall standings, Legacy placed 6th while L'Esperance placed 2nd and 4th, respectively.

At race's end, Legacy was hoisted from the water and moved to storage until it is time for her to make the journey home.

After sail activities included attending the prize giving ceremony which was held at historic Nelson's Dockyard marina in English Harbour.

Captain Reginald Williams extends his heartfelt thanks and acknowledges the following crew who played an instrumental role in this campaign:

Gail AleongPatricia LegereLeslie Thomson
Ruleo CamachoGiselle MarfleetWill Thomson
Mervyn CampbellRobert MarfleetRobert de Vlaming
Jaquan HarveyLyndon (Rusty) PampileNick Williams
Colin Hodge, Sr.Susan PollonaisNicole Williams

Legacy's crew and supporters included representation from Antigua, the Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom and the United States.

Alas, all good things must come to an end.  Until next time!


Countdown to the 2017 Edition of Antigua Racing Week is Underway! 

With all readiness tasks completed, Legacy is set to compete at this year's Antigua Racing Week being held from April 29 to May 5. The Captain and First Mate arrived on the island early in the week of April 23, ahead of the remaining crew members.  A full compliment of her crew is expected on island by April 27.

SPLASH...Back in the water!  Tuesday, April 25 finds Legacy launched into Caribbean waters for the first time in over 18 months. 

Wednesday, April 26...Racing Readiness Procedures: First up, the CSA Measurer to inspect the new rig for her adjusted handicap.  Subsequently, her rigging crew to conduct a shakedown sail to fine tune the rig.

Thursday, April 27...Good News From The CSA Measurer: Together with the new wire rigging, after the CSA Measurer inspection Legacy saw a decrease in her handicap (from 918 to 906), and with the jibs, 896...The Captain is pleased.  He and and the First Mate sought to attend to registry activities. Trials began today and all went well.  Legacy awaits the arrival of Sir Bobby Velasquez (L'Esperance, St. Maarten) and Sir Robert Falcone (Cassia alla Volpe, St. Thomas), both of whom she will challenge.  The crew compliment is now at eight

Friday, April 28...Meeting The Competition: Legacy met Rebel (Sir Hugh Bailey, Antigua) for the first time on the water today and challenged her during the second day of trials.  Ultimately, Rebel left Legacy in her wake.  Wind speeds were 10 knots down wind, with Legacy achieving 7-8 knots.  Captain Reginald was pleased with today's trial performance.

Sir Bobby Velasquez arrived on Big B today, with L'Esperance, and Mervyn, in tow.  Captain Reginald and some of Legacy's crew went aboard and paid their compliments.  Sir Bobby and Sir Robert both indicate changing class, in the spirit of competition, to race against Legacy.  The crew is now at full compliment.

Saturday, April 29...Murphy Pays A Visit, Twice!: After a few hours on the water for this morning's trial sail, the leading edge of the main sail broke free, damaging the teflon track while Legacy cruised along at 7.5 knots.  Back alongside, the engineers have removed the track, with it being irreparable, and plan to use the original slot.  The crew is working to recommission the original slot before the official start of racing tomorrow morning.  General consensus is better that this happened now than on the race line.

Murphy also played his hand yet again when one of the winch handles decided to find a space in Davey Jones' locker.  It has since been replaced.