Sharon CC.

Occupation:  Full time Domestic Engineer & Chauffeur
Position on Legacy: Housemother
Sailing Highlights: Housemother and Rail bait for LEGACY, Antigua Sail Week 2014.  Optimom for too many years.  Producer of 3 sailing offspring
Other Interests: FOOD - producing and eating.  A good Trini lime.  Reading

Meiling CC

Occupation: Student 
Position on Legacy: Running backstays, drinks monkey 
Sailing Highlights: Laser sailor; crew member aboard Legacy for Antigua 2014; sailing since 6 years old 
Other Interests: National Laser Radial Sailor, gymnastics, making mess

Nicole W.
Occupation: Housewife & Human Development Consultant
Position on Legacy:Foredeck 

Sailing Highlights: Sailing from 1989. Foredeck and backstays on Les Remous, Titan, Titan M, Legacy & Pokerchip. TTSA BOTY with Marcia Leacock on Titan Cal 2-30 2006/-07
Other Interests:Gardening and furniture 

Leonard CC

Occupation: Retiree 
Position on Legacy: Pit
Sailing Highlights: 4 Antigua regattas, 2 Grenada regattas, 1 Bequia regatta, 2 Tobago regattas and 1 Cariacou regatta in various keel boats

Marcia I.

Occupation: Civil Engineer 
Position on Legacy: Running Backstays
Sailing Highlights: Round Trinidad and Tobago race; Grenada and Barbados regattas


Marjoleine H.

Occupation: Organisational Analyst 
Position on Legacy: general crew with local knowledge
Sailing Highlights: North sea crossings NL-UK as navigation instructor
Other Interests: cooking, liming, music, travel

Cheri A.

Occupation: IT Governance Analyst
Position on Legacy: Pit crew, Running Backs; Spinnaker; Asst. Ship Mother; "Go For"
Sailing Highlights: 2nd in Class Antigua 2014; 1st Bequia Round the island 2013;
1st Mt Gay Regatta Barbados2012;
TTSA BOTY 2007/8
Other Interests: Cruising up the islands at Easter; Golf

Will T.

Occupation: Software quality assurance team lead
Position on Legacy: Pit crew
Sailing Highlights: Started sailing when my father moved to the Caribbean. The regattas in Antigua and Barbados that I have been lucky enough to attend are the highlights of my racing experience.
Other Interests: badminton, running, cooking, technology enthusiast 

Wayne CC

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer 
Position on Legacy: Foredeck
Sailing Highlights: Participated multiple times in Cariacou, Bequia, Tobago and Antigua regattas; numerous Triniidad to Grenadines crossings 
Other Interests: Snorkeling, motorbikes 

Les T.

Occupation: Asset manger in oil and gas production
Position on Legacy: Main sheet
Sailing Highlights: Brought up on the Shetland Islands where the sea is in our blood.  Have sailed most of my life - highlights include 4 tall ships races in the 70s.  A lot of sailing on west coast of Scotland including St Kilda.  Lucky enough to live in Trinidad for 6 years and sail a lot of the Caribbean on my own boat.  The regattas in Antigua, Tobago, Barbados and Grenada with Reginald are highlights of the racing I was lucky enough to take part in.            
Other Interests: Photography and home improvement 

Robert dV.

Occupation: Marine Construction
Position on Legacy: Due north of Southman
Sailing Highlights: Boat of the Year skipper of the year TTST 2007 with J39 Cochise. Skipper on Swan 47 PirouetteNew York-Bermuda-St Maarten-Trinidad 2009. Skipper on Swan 47 Pirouette Trinidad Curacao Panama.
Other Interests: diving, fishing, tennis 

Stuart M.

Occupation: Defense Shipbuilding 
Position on Legacy: Main
Sailing Highlights: Cowes week, Fastnet, RORC Trans-Atlantic, Adriatic Cruising. Meeting Debs afloat (3 Ports Race 1983)!
Other Interests: Gardening, Small holding, DIY Building

Reginald W.
Occupation: Marine Superintendent
​Position on Legacy: Skipper, Helm, Tactician 
Sailing Highlights: Former Coast Guard Officer T&T Coast Guard; sailing since 4 yrs aboard his dad's Star; raced Titan Cal 2-30, Titan M Frers 43,Pokerchip Creek MOre modified 30,  Legacy Soverel 43;  2nd in Tobago 2004  (Titan) , TTSA BOTY 2006/7 (Titan M), 1st in Barbados 2011&2012 (Legacy); numerous Caribbean deliveries.
Other Interests: Cars, helicopters, planes and computers