Epilogue to an Epic Adventure

Alas, all good things must come to an end.  But, not before Legacy and her Crew sailed into the history books.  On August 8, 2015, at approximately 12:30 pm, Legacy sailed the Solent (the strait that separates the Isle of Wight from mainland England), and more importantly into the history books, becoming the first vessel from the Caribbean, specifically from Trinidad and Tobago, to participate in the 189th running of Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight.

While the opening weekend was sunny, the first day of racing got off to a slow start.  Alas, Aeolus and Anemoi were uncooperative.  Wind speed was at a trickle and the skies were cloudless for most of the day.  When the wind did show up, the question was how long would it last.  Given these conditions, the start time was postponed for two hours.  The second day of racing delivered perfect conditions, with bright sun and decent winds.  It was cold and wet for most of the rest of the time.  On the third day, increasing clouds over the Solent was accompanied by a band of rain that provided interesting and challenging wind shifts.  Weather on the fourth day was at last sunny and warm, but regrettably no wind in sight, so racing was abandoned for the day.  Racing on the fifth day was delayed for the wind to stabilize.  Day 6 started out with a bang, as thunder and lightning swept across the Solent making for a dramatic start to racing.  Day 7 was a do over of the day before, weather wise that is, but absent the thunder and lightning.  The start of racing had to be delayed.  Legacy and her Crew had one of their best racing days this day.  Legacy posted her best results the final days of sailing, finishing in 4th place on the last day of competition.  Legacy recorded an overall ranking of 20th place in her class (IRC 2, inclusive of 34 participants) at the conclusion of the regatta.

Captain Reginald Williams extends his heartfelt thanks and acknowledges the following Crew who played an instrumental role in this historic campaign:

Gail Aleong
Anabel Dewing
Debbie Matthews
Cheri Ann Alonzo
Diana Dewing
Stuart Matthews
Sir Hugh Bailey
James Dewing
Shiva McMahon
Mervyn Campbell
Kate Dewing
Susan Pollonais
Christian Chan Chow
Tim Dewing
Rushell Rousseau
Leonard Chan Chow
William Dewing
Leslie Thomson
Megan Chan Chow
Marcia Inkim
Will Thomson
Meiling Chan Chow
Jay Jay
Martin Subero
Sharon Chan Chow
Courtenay Leacock
Robert de Vlaming
Wayne Chan Chow
Marcia Leacock
Nick Williams
Helen Cools
Patricia Legere
Nicole Williams

Legacy's Crew and Supporters included representation from Antigua, Iran, the Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Legacy returned to Dartmouth at the conclusion of Cowes Week.  While in Dartmouth, Legacy participated in the annual Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta.  The three-day event, held in late August, was recently named among the top 13 regattas in the UK.  Legacy recorded an overall ranking of 2nd place, in a class with 18 participants, at the conclusion of the regatta.  Congratulations to the Dewing and Matthews families, the UK-based members of the crew, on their success.

In early November, Legacy bid a fond farewell to merry ole England!  For one final time this year, she was hoisted out of English territorial waters then cradled on board the transport vessel for her journey back to the Caribbean, travelling via West Palm Beach.  She will make a stop at St. Thomas before journeying on to Catamaran Marina, Antigua.  Captain Reginald is currently making preparations to meet her in St. Thomas.  A race was on, though, to see which would arrive first: Legacy or the container.  Legacy appears to have won the race.  The container is still held up on the port.  Here's hoping exposure to the elements does no damage to her sails.

Finally, on November 27, Legacy arrived in St. Thomas.  The Captain and First Mate were on hand to greet her.  At approximately 14:30 the next day (November 28), she was offloaded from her transport vessel; then around 14:45, she was finally afloat back in Caribbean waters.  Liquid sunshine, in the form of tropical rain showers (considered a blessing in some circles), was the reward for all the efforts to get her back to where she belonged, in the water.  Since Legacy's arrival in St. Thomas, rainy conditions had hampered the offloading effort.

Preparations are now underway to ready her for the voyage on to Antigua.  The Captain estimates an additional 14 days before she's ready to cast off for the final leg of this journey.  Once the necessary work is completed, and the remainder of the Crew arrives in St. Thomas, she'll be on her way.  The journey will have Legacy travelling via the British Virgin Islands and St. Maarten before arriving in Antigua. 

Once in Antigua, Legacy will put in for necessary repairs and then be placed into hibernation.  This will bring to a close Operation Southman while Captain Reginald and Crew plan the next adventure.