Photos courtesy of Alasdair Bell

May 16, 2018, saw the launch of the inaugural ANR Tobago Sailing Regatta at Store Bay, Tobago.  Crown Point Beach Hotel served as regatta headquarters.  Twelve yachts participated in the inaugural event.  All but one were Trinidad-registered vessels.  Competition over the three-day racing event was divided into two classes -- Racer Cruiser Class I and Racer Cruising Class II -- with Legacy amongst the vessels in the latter class category.  Some of her challengers in that class included Panache, Fantasy, and Galatéa.  A brief recap of the regatta activities is presented below.

A convoy that included Legacy, along with SV Sydney and Fantasy, set out the evening of May 15 for an overnight sail to Tobago.  After a longer than usual sail time-- the result of some mechanical issues -- Legacy cruised into Store Bay mid-morning on May 16.  Without a marina at Store Bay, a temporary, floating jetty had been constructed from the beach to a barge serving as a transport bridge for incoming vessels from ship to shore.  Traversing this contraption proved at times to be quite tricky.

The ever-present Murphy must always grace us with his presence.  Shortly after Legacy’s arrival, the ship’s ladder decided to make a run for it.  Thankfully, with the skillful help of an experienced diver, it was quickly retrieve since it had not drifter too far from where Legacy had dropped anchor upon arrival into Store Bay.

May 17 saw the start of competition.  Never lacking for a bit of drama, just as competition got underway for Legacy's racing class, there was a collision on the course between Galatéa (a 70-foot classic yawl), and the Committee boat, Celerity.  While the Committee boat suffered some damage to its starboard side, it was not rendered inoperable.

With less than one-third of the usual crew compliment, Legacy raced without the utility of her full main sail during the first two days of competition. Two races were scheduled during the first day of competition.  Despite competing in only one of these two races, Legacy had a 2nd place finish in that race, earning an overall standing in 3rd place at the end of the first day of competition.  Of note on this day, Legacy was staffed by an all-female  crew.

After another day with light wind conditions, and again racing without the utility of her full main sail, Legacy competed in one of the two races slated for the second day of the regatta.  At the end of day, Legacy had a 3rd place finish in that race, with an overall standing in 4th place after two days of competition.

Meanwhile, by the third day, winds in excess of 25-knots made the final day of racing quite exhilarating.  With only one race scheduled for the day, and with confidence high, the “skeleton” crew had agreed the day before to go full bore on the final day of competing utilizing the full strength of Legacy’s main sail.  This decision was made even easier as one of Legacy’s competitors (Galatéa) had been urging the crew to put up the full sail since the onset of competition.  With wind conditions ideal, Captain and crew schooled the rest of the competition with some of Legacy's dazzling maneuvers accomplished under conditions best suited for her.  At one point, Captain Reginald steered Legacy just a few feet off Galatéa’s port quarter to ride their wake down wind.  You had to see it to believe it!  Unfortunately, no photographic evidence of this feat is available, at least as far as we are aware.  At the end of day, Legacy had a 2nd place finish in that race, with an overall standing in 3rd place after three days of competition.  In the overall competition standing for the three-day event, Legacy was bested by Galatéa, in second place, and Panache which took first place. 

Day three brought to a close what was the inaugural ANR Tobago Sailing Regatta.  After sail activities included attending the dinner and prize giving ceremony held at Crown Point Beach Hotel.

The dates have already been announced for the second annual ANR Tobago Sailing Regatta -- May 14 through 18, 2019 – and, as of this publication, will once again be held at Crown Point Beach Hotel.

Maybe we’ll see you there?  Until next time!